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Villa Merino 

Year: 2022 

Status: Construction in progress 

Program: Leisure Home

Client: Private 

Area: 230 m²

Private leisure home for two families, delicately built on a slope. Situated in the midst of a hill side and forest landscape in Levi, Lapland. A simple shape that respects the traditional architecture of Lapland, with a unique modern twist.


The building has three floors: The first floor is equipped with a relaxing spa & sauna, cozy fireplace, gym, maintenance, and technical rooms, these last two are well hidden in order to keep the visual harmony intact.


On the second floor is where one finds the kitchen, the dining, and the living room that has a high roof which makes the space feel broader . A vast glass wall opens the living spaces to the fascinating landscape of Lapland. On the same floor, there are two bedrooms.


Finally, there is the children's floor,  with three comfortable bedrooms and a loft that opens to the high space of the living room that gives a deeper feeling of spaciousness. 

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