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Villa K

Year: 2022 

Status: Construction in progress 

Program: Leisure Home

Client: Private 

Area: 150m²

Is a private leisure home gracefully built on a slope and situated in a small community amid high hills and forest landscape in Ylläs, Lapland. 

The big gable roof connects the garage to the main building. The terraces with long eaves surround and cover elegantly the main building, the view from each space creates a tangible nature connection. The spatial planning is inventive but creates no unused areas.

As for the materials used, the first floor is made of natural stone, and the two subsequent floors are of massive wood logs.

The colossal glass wall that opens the living spaces gives a spectacular view of the breathtaking landscape of Lapland.

In regards to the surroundings, in Koan we believe in eco-friendly living so we do our best to respect the environment, so the building blends into its delicate surroundings in a manner that respects nature and protects the trees and the terrain.


The building contains three floors: The first floor is equipped with a calming spa & sauna for those days of needed relaxation, a cosy movie theatre, gym, maintenance, and technical rooms, these last ones are well hidden in order to have a neat overall appearance.

On the second floor is where one finds the kitchen, dining, and living room with a high roof, giving a feeling of greater spaciousness. On the same floor, there are three comfortable bedrooms.

Finally, on the third floor, a loft opens to the living room's high space and to the glass wall to give you the feeling of deeper expansion similar to the second floor.

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