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Nest - Meditation Cabin


Location: Ozolini, Latvia

Year: 2019 –

Status: 2nd prize, International open competition 

Program: Meditation Cabin

Client: BeeBreeders and Ozolini Tea Makers

Area: 12 m²

"The visitor follows a path in an ancient forest and is surrounded by tall standing trees and rare plants. His mind is starting to calm down and forget the stresses in his life. From the distance, he can see a dark structure up in a tree which´s shape reminds him of the vernacular Latvian huts that he saw before. He follows stairs up to a tree, and then a hanging bridge to another tree. He is standing on a wooden deck surrounded by a stunning view. From the deck, he climbs a ladder up to a treehouse. He has now arrived at his home for the next few days.⠀

Inside he notices that there is no luxury here. There is nothing extra, only the necessary things needed for his stay. He goes to sit on a chair in front of a narrow and tall window. He is now seeing the upper parts of these old trees and the sunlight breaking through the canopy, giving the forest a mystical touch. From this height, behind the trees, he can see a lake shimmering as the sun sets. All he can hear are the noises of the birds nearby and the wind blowing through the trees. This framed view makes him effortlessly focus on the present and calm his mind. This is the silence he was seeking for. " ⠀

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