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Year: 2022 

Status: Ongoing

Program: House

Client: Honkarakenne Oyj

Area: 200 m2

What’s interesting in Suvanto is its meandering architecture; like the archipelago’s beautiful nature, the roof is like a wave, reflecting the seabed.

The luxurious covered terraces and view from each space create a tangible nature connection. The spatial planning is inventive but creates no unused areas.

“The interior was designed to have a well-lit continuum of spaces from the dining area to the bedroom, and a seamless experience between the interior and exterior. This was possible thanks to the all-glass Frame surfaces and sliding doors. The Frame house’s typical pillar beam structures were left visible, creating an interesting added element to the architecture. The Honka Frame technology enabled the meandering form. With it, you can create sculptural elements.”

The free form of Suvanto is different from what Simsiö has done previously. It is fascinating what industrial production can come up with in wood construction. Simsiö is inspired by how this can be combined with Finnish traditional construction, and manually created visual, beautiful details, and humanity. Talking of human values, Simsiö highlights pleasant old parts of towns with wooden buildings; how harmonious colors have been used, how coziness has been created with low-rise buildings, and the bold use of wood because people want to touch it. He hopes that human values will be cherished in construction more and more in the future.

Visualisations by JanneReponen /

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