Sävelpuisto wooden housing area


Year: 2021 

Program: Housing

Client: Hoivarakentajat Oy, Honkarakenne Oyj

Area: 1100 m2

Proposal for Sävelpuisto wooden housing area. Järvenpää, Finland.
The simple and modern log townhouses, together with the green-roofed parking spaces, surround an intimate courtyard with common spaces for the residents. Each of the two-story apartments also has its own yard. ⠀

The gable roofs and eaves create a well identifiable character to the area. The log walls visible both outdoors and indoors bring character to the area and a warm atmosphere to the interiors of the apartments. The large windows, metal parts, and French balconies bring a counterbalance and lightness to the massive wood walls. ⠀