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The office building 


Location: Oulu, Finland

Year: 2015 

Program: Offices

Client: Hongisto Oy

Area: 5600 m2


The present project is a wooden construction system – applications of a system is a design-based project, the aim of which is to create detailed sketches of buildings making use of modularity and of a wooden construction system. In the fall of 2015, a mechanical contractor called Hongisto Oy
based in Oulu organized an architecture competition under the theme ”The Best Office Building in the World” in collaboration with the Oulu School of Architecture and the City of Oulu.


The purpose of the competition was to find a new, innovative, ecological and a flexible typology for a wooden office building that was to be constructed on a plot in Toppila in Oulu owned by Hongisto Oy, and to invent a wooden construction system that would enable the
materialization of different building projects ranging from small-scale pavilion constructions to larger-scale building complexes.


The aim was also to further develop the winning proposal into a holistic and commercial export product. This project is based on the further development of the winning proposal ”KUDOS” – and on the design, the aim of which is to finally result in a concrete realization of the building as well as the commercialization of the wooden construction system supporting the building concept. The inspiration behind the idea of the competition, entry was the shape of a regular hexagon – a honeycomb shape – and its use as a spatial as well as a structural concept. The aim of the development has been to further research and crystallize the core idea of the competition entry, as well as to further, analyze and detail the structure of the building to enable its future materialization. As the development process has opened up new points of view together with new challenges, we have striven to look at those with the help of the frame set by the original idea. The aim has thus been to preserve as well as to develop the original architectural idea.


Koan Architecture - Office Building CLT wood interior
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