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Honka Haiku



Location:     Naantali, Finland (Housing Fair / Asuntomessut 2022)
Year:            2
Status:         Built
Program:     House
Client:           Honkarakenne Oyj
Area:            140 m²

Haiku – A log home designed for a good life - draws inspiration from Japanese harmony and the purity of Nordic forests.⠀

The building blends into its delicate surroundings in a manner that respects nature and protects the trees and rocky terrain. The house is built around an atrium and a Japanese garden. The big sliding glass doors blend the border between the interior and the exterior. The sauna area will feature a calming spa resembling an onsen, a hot spring.

Low-emission materials, innovative solar power systems, and smart technical solutions will reduce the carbon footprint of housing and help ensure a sustainable future. ⠀

Haiku has been designed for Honkarakenne in a comprehensive collaboration by architect Marko Simsiö, interior architect Maru Hautala and landscape architect Asako Hashimoto. ⠀


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