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Funeral Chapel in Vihti

Vihdin Siunauskappeli

Architectural and principal design / Arkkitehti- ja pääsuunnittelu

Location:     Graveyard of Vihti, Vihti, Finland

Year:            2022-

Status:         Ongoing

Program:     Funeral chapel

Client:          Parish of Vihti / Vihdin Seurakunta

Area:            450 m²



The new funeral chapel stands respectfully in the beautiful green landscape of the Vihti cemetery and is surrounded by huge old linden trees. The building has a steep gable roof, which respects traditional church architecture. The ceiling rises longitudinally towards the chapel hall, which symbolizes a person's journey through time to eternity.


A minimalist material palette has been used in the chapel. The log structure is left visible in both the exterior and interior spaces. A contrast to the timber is provided by the dark roof, which also partially continues on the facades as walls. These small outer walls bring three-dimensionality to the building and at the same time, they cover the downpipes and building technology. The light log glows warm and inviting behind the dark exterior walls. Outside, the chapel hall is surrounded by a stone wall, which borders a small semi-public outdoor space for relaxation and brings privacy to the chapel hall. Both the log and the stone are traditional materials in Christian architecture in Finland.


The visitor arrives through the green lawn and planting areas to the main doors of the chapel, from where they pass through the lobby to the chapel hall. The height of the space and its minimalist decoration bring solemnity to the sacred space. Log surfaces bring warmth and a sense of security to the sorrow of the funeral ceremony. The large glass surfaces, on the other hand, open views to beautiful fields and nature and let in lots of comforting natural light.


In addition to the chapel hall, the building has facilities for storing the deceased, a sacristy, a small office, and auxiliary facilities. At the other end of the building, behind the walls, there is a space for a hearse, so the deceased can be moved respectfully out of sight. The chapel is mainly used for funeral ceremonies, but the multipurpose chapel hall can also be used for concerts and events of other religions.

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