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Villa Vaherkumpu

Design:        Architectural, interior and principal design

Location:     Lohja, Finland

Year:            2023-

Status:         Construction started in 2024

Program:     Leisure home

Client:          Private

Area:            240 m²



The unique architecture of Villa Vaherkumpu is designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding lake and forest landscape. The undulating roof shape follows the contours of the nearby slopes, and the building’s curved structure creates a sheltered yard and shoreline. With precise placement of the building, almost all the trees on the property have been preserved intact.


The main building, sauna, and guest cottage are connected by a shared roof, creating intimate terrace areas between the structures. The frame material is Finnish timber logs, treated with a dark translucent finish to complement the pine forest.


For the interior design, we have selected natural and healthy wood and stone materials. The serene simplicity of the interior accentuates the stunning views through the large glass walls.

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